A little about me

My name’s Nicole. I’m a nineteen year old college student, currently studying nursing. I work in a hospital from 7pm-730am three nights a week as a certified nursing assistant. I’m also a photographer and published author.

I first got the itch to write as a young child. I suppose it runs through my veins as my mother use to write poetry. I always found it compelling. I began writing my own poetry, which then turned to short stories and I progressed from there. I finished my first novel, Lost Voice, at the raw age of fifteen. When I was 17, I made the decision to publish Lost Voice. At the time, I didn’t realize the book wasn’t ready. I won’t regret it, however, as there’s no turning back now.

I’m now writing my second novel and I’m very excited to finish it. I’m hoping to have it out this year, however I won’t rush it.

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and be sure to find Lost Voice!



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