Searching for Inspiration

For the past few hours I have struggled with a lack of creativity. At three in the morning, I have found myself once more with my fingers hovering above the keyboard unmoving as I sit at my cubical in the charting room. The coffee I had poured for myself sits in the corner of the desk, the steam seeping into the air as I wait for it to cool. The halls are eerily quiet tonight and my pager has been untouched for almost an hour. It’s the perfect environment to get some writing in without interruption, yet I find myself staring at a blank screen for an extended amount of time.

And then the timer runs out. I had been motionless for so long the sensored lights decided to shut themselves off in an effort to preserve energy. Yet I remain unmoved. Being only five feet and one inch tall, I have discovered turning the light back on would involve me walking across the room where the sensor can notice me. So I sit in the dark, staring at the blank screen, and realize I have writer’s block.

So I ask you this: where do you find your inspiration to write?

Email me at and tell me your thoughts.


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