My drive home from Barnstead brought up a lot of memories. Not only did I remember exactly how to get from Erin’s house to the traffic circle twenty minutes away, but I remembered a lot about that town.

The mud coating my white Ford Taurus signifies the rustic town I lived in for a small time. A vast majority of the roads remain unpaved and the roads covered in tar prevent you from going more than fifteen miles per hour, unless you want to destroy the vehicle on the extreme bumps.

As I passed the old Country Store, I remembered the times I would go there with my parents for a snack after my brother or I finished a chorus concert. I loved chorus back then, even if one year we had an awful teacher. Next to the store was our old school. Kindergarten through eight grade went there, and I remember one year, all the students were asked to come up with a design for the sign. They desperately needed a new one, and decided it would be cool to let us participate. Above the main entrance, made out of metal, is a combination of all of our designs, ranging from fish to the sun to squiggles etc. It still hangs there today.

As I continued up the road, I came across a restaurant named J.J Goodwin’s. My family use to eat there all the time. I immediately remembered how the owner had died in a car accident a few years after we moved out of the town. It was closed for a while, so I was happy to see it reopened. Our last night living in Barnstead, my Wednesday night basketball team and I got together for one last game and then our coach surprised us by taking us out to dinner at J.J’s. I remember my friend, Xyelle, refusing to let me out of the car when they brought my brother and I home.

A little bit past the restaurant is the road to our old house. I could see the home as I drove by and noticed the color has darkened to a dirty off white and the fence was now gone. 

For only living in this town for such a short time, I realized there’s a lot of memories there. As I write, I’m remembering a lot about the three years I lived in this tiny old town. I don’t want to bore you, though!

Do you have any place or thing that gets your nostalgia flowing? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

  1. The only time I remembered the past, I almost fell into depression. I must say that my childhood was not always happy. However, there is one person I have not seen for over 15 years and I would like to meet again. Somebody that I would have gladly invited to my wedding (if I had found a girl enough crazy to marry a guy like me) and I might even have to ask him to be my wedding witness. This person is the neurosurgeon who saved my life many times during my childhood.


    • I remember you telling me about him. You never know, Simon, there’s someone out there for everyone. Don’t give up just yet!

      My childhood wasn’t always happy, either. There’s not much I remember about it after a certain age. My mind seems to have crowded out a lot of my memories, good and bad, but as I was driving through this small town, I couldn’t help but be flooded with these memories and I missed it.


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