Drive Safely

Nothing gives me more anxiety than a truck tailgating me on the highway. Especially if I’m going faster than the speed limit already. If someone is driving that close to my car on a regular road, I will tap my breaks as a warning. Almost always, the car backs off until I need to give them the warning again. If all else fails, I break-check them. For those of you who may not know what break-checking is, it’s when you slam on your breaks. If you’re lucky, the person in the car behind you is paying attention and will, in turn, slam on their breaks. I’ve never had a car hit me, yet. Knock on wood.

You can’t safely break-check someone on the highway. I tapped my breaks a few times to warn the person behind me to back off. It looked like they were barely five feet away from being bumper-to-bumper with my car. Going 75mph in a 65mph zone, there should be a lot more room between cars than that. I was in the fast lane, and the car in front of me was going about the same speed, though I left plenty of space between the two of us. 

Of course I’m already going 10mph over, which puts me at risk of being pulled over if I drive by a cruiser, so I refused to speed up. I tapped my breaks a few more times. The car behind me flashed their lights at me and, as I looked in the rear-view mirror, signaled for me to get in the other lane. 

Here’s the problem with that. To get into the other lane, I had to either slow down or speed up, since there was a car directly to my right. I remained at the same speed, and decided to ignore the person behind me as he continued to drive obnoxiously close to my car.

I gripped the steering wheel with both hands, trying to fight back the nerves going through my body. I hated people driving behind me that closely when I was driving fast. If I had to hit my breaks for any reason, such as a car cutting me off, I would not only end up swerving, but any chance of saving myself from an accident would be taken away by the truck behind me. I swallowed my fear as I continued to drive.

Eventually, the truck was able to get in the lane next to me, give me his middle finger (which I, of course, returned out of anger) and sped past me, returning into my lane in front of me. He had to be going at least ninety as he swerved between cars ahead of me. Eventually he was out of sight and out of mind.

Drive safely, everyone. Car’s are dangerous machines and it only takes one reckless driver to cause a fatal accident.


One thought on “Drive Safely

  1. “At the wheel, anyone becomes a chief, eager to impose justice, his justice to other drivers … The complexes let off steam, fantasies collide at a hundred miles an hour.”
    – Jean Yanne


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