The sun is shining through the windowsills.The forgotten warmth is rising far over the hills to a brand new place, and I would have followed it, if I would see your face laughing along with me as we sit in the fields residing in my dreams. Easily pictured in the sun, set so smoothly in the seams of the path you have run down so many times before; running away from you and I. You’ve left my heart sore and you let our love die.

I stare at the bright light above me remembering all that I’ve lost; wishing I could make you see all that my hurt has cost. We’re missing out on so many things, growing up thinking we were happy. Thinking we would someday share those rings, but it turned out to be so crappy.

This sun makes me remember all the good, and also all of the bad, that you and I both knew could tear us apart and make us sad. The warmth tickles my cheeks as it dances and races, pushing me to the upcoming weeks when I’ll see your many faces. Those faces I’ve tried to push through and get past all of the madness, but you and I both knew there was always sadness.There was something about your face that made me wonder why you were always in a race against time and all of its numbers. You were racing as fast and as far as your feet would take your youth. No train and not even a car could bring you to see the truth hidden so deeply in your soul trying to find its way out. But you buried it in the hole that you dug without a doubt in your heart and in your mind, afraid to let it get free because it’s betrayal isn’t so kind.

But you need to let it be. Look at the sun and see the truth; its reflection in your eyes. Forget about your youth, because eventually you will die. Live for today, don’t live for tomorrow. Don’t let fear get in your way, and don’t sit around in sorrow.

The face of yours that I have found has perfection written across it. I have always hated it when you have frowned but now I can see it lit with so much joy and happiness as I’ve once seen in my dreams. It brings me peacefulness as I remember how we made such a good team.


2 thoughts on “Remember

  1. You have the blues Nicole? Don’t worry, I will prescribe some Crystallize. Take it as often as you wish. You will see, it is very effective!


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