Shadows Cover Contest!

In the event of the excitement for Shadows to hit the shelves, I am holding a cover contest. When I published Lost Voice, I did my own cover design using my own photography. This time, I’m giving you the chance to become a part of the production for Shadows.

What’s in it for you? The winner will receive:

  • His or her first and last name listed as cover designer in the book.
  • A personal thank you in the back of Shadows
  • A personalized signed copy of Lost Voice
  • A personalized signed copy of Shadows once it’s released.
  • A $50 gift card to

Here are the rules:

  • You are to design an original, high quality title cover. Images must be owned by you or have proof of permission for use. 
  • You may work with other people to create the cover. Please include names of each contributor.
  • The cover must be able to fit the size of the book: 5.06″ x 7.81″ (12.852 x 19.837 cm) 
  • The cover must include my full name (Nicole Belanger) and the title of the book (Shadows)
  • You may submit more than one entry
  • Email your entry(s) to on or before May 4, 2014. Include first and last name of each contributor, proof of permission to use images if you do not own them, and your Country/State. Additional contact information will be necessary if your design is chosen.
  • Please email if you are planning to enter.

Description of Shadows:

Kristie Webb thought her life was just about to get on track. Fresh out of Nursing school and working her first job on a pediatric unit, she goes in for an extra shift at work expecting it to be like any other day. After a traumatic shooting, she feels as if she didn’t do everything she could to protect the people around her. She soon spirals into a deep depression when the culprit goes missing and discovers the only way out of the shadows of despair is to figure out who was behind the shooting.

***DISCLAIMER*** This is not an official description of Shadows. The description is to be determined when the novel is finished.

Take your time, have fun, and please email me if you have any questions. I look forward to your entries!


3 thoughts on “Shadows Cover Contest!

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