Did you know I park like a ‘Jerk’?


It’s good to know I work with mature adults. I got this lovely note on my car this morning after a long night working at the hospital. In my defense, I had to squeeze my car between two people who parked like assholes when I got to work last night, therefore my front right tire was partially in the parking space next to me because the car on the left did the same thing. By partially, I mean not even 1/4 of my tire was out of my parking spot. 

Of course, to make things worse, both cars I had parked between had left by morning, making it look like I was the ass who doesn’t know how to park. Great, right? 

I’m not saying everyone who puts a note like this on a car is immature. I’m guilty of leaving a note, myself, although I witnessed them parking terribly for no reason at all. I just want to say that if you’re one of those people who leave notes calling people “jerks” or other words of the sort, stop to think for a minute about whether they had a choice to park like that or not. There’s always another side to the story that you don’t know.

Sorry for the rant today. Normally things like this wouldn’t bother me as much as it did, but after a long 12 1/2 hour shift running on three hours of sleep and being sick at the same time, it angered me to see that even healthcare workers are that immature.


4 thoughts on “Did you know I park like a ‘Jerk’?

  1. One day I got this message on my windshield: “This parking space is reserved for people with disabilities If you want to park there, take their disability!”.
    This paper was placed just above my parking card for disabled …
    Another time, I even got a ticket (135 euro) under the same conditions. A ticket that I did withdraw to the police station of course …


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