My First Experience at a Casino

I didn’t think it would work, but my grandmother and great grandmother insisted that I’d be able to sneak into a Casino. I’m nineteen years old, and in the United States, you must be twenty-one to enter. However, my mother did my hair and makeup in an attempt to make me look older than I am and we set off on our journey.

The place was packed, and I was surprised we actually found somewhere to park. We entered the building casually, and none of us got carded. The six of us split up into three groups. I did alright, at first, but when my mother ditched me to go off with my brother and my father joined me, we both began losing. We searched for a machine for a while, and finally found two together. The machine my father ended up on was the one he’d previously been winning on. 

I started the night with $39, and ended with fourteen cents (out of the $5 more my father gave me to gamble with) which I gave to my dad, totalling for a $44 loss. My dad, on the other hand, suddenly started winning over and over again, and cashed out at $70. He began the night with $40, $20 of which he gave to my mom, and broke even, after gambling more away. My mom and brother both lost all their money they began with, my great grandmother lost $7 and my nana won $3.75.

In the end, it was a worthwhile experience. I didn’t think I’d be able to sneak into a casino, but apparently carding people is something they don’t like to do out here, as we learned from the drink I had on the airplane. 

My family are bad influences, and it makes me love them even more.


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