Growing up, my brother and I didn’t always get along, arguing like typical siblings. We didn’t hate each other, but we weren’t exactly close. It’s been nice getting to spend some time with him this week, and we’ve even grown closer in the past few days. 

He’s older than me, by a little over three years, so we’re pretty close in age. He lives about 2 1/2 hours away from me, so we don’t see each other often. Add the distance onto our full time jobs and my schooling, and we hardly get to even talk to each other. 

I miss my brother, to be honest with you, and I’m glad we’re getting close again. Today was a pretty low key day; we all hung around my great grandmother’s home. My brother and I went swimming while the others lay out to tan. We goofed off in the pool, and I learned that he’s much stronger than I am. I tried with all my strength to push him under the water and failed miserably. That’s alright, though. 

After using all my muscles, my body is thoroughly exhausted. It’s now almost six at night, so it’s time to fire up the grills and start making supper. 

I sure hope everyone else is enjoying their week! I’m not excited to leave the 80-90 degree weather and return to the 40 degree Maine. 


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