Finals Week

Finals week is a term that often makes college students cringe. I’m one of those students, and this morning, I realized if I didn’t really start trying, harder than I’d already been, I was going to fail one of my classes (if not more). 

I took psychology my junior year of high school and I liked it – though it was probably because the professor hardly made us do any work and played words-with-friends in the middle of lecture. No, seriously, he did. I was one of his opponents, and there were times where, in the middle of a sentence, he’d start laughing, look at me and, with a smile on his face, state “Wait till you see the word I just played. You’ll never catch up now.” He’d return to his lecture as if nothing had happened.

So I figured psychology in college couldn’t be too bad, and chose to take it online – the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. After struggling the whole semester (not to mention I had four other classes making a total of 17 credits and work full time), I realized it was almost impossible to pass.

My teacher makes it near impossible to get a good grade. You can only get a letter grade with no in-between scores such as a C- or B+. This means you can only get an A, B, C, D, or F. Because psychology is required for my major, I have to get at least a C to pass the class – which totals to about 480 points. Here’s the catch. My teacher doesn’t round up, meaning if I got 479.99 points, I’d have a D. If I got  719.99 points rather than the 720 required for a B, I get a C. Where’s the fairness in that?

I began studying at 12 this afternoon with 416 points. Knowing I had a long way to go, I began the long journey. I had two tests to take, and an essay to write all due this Friday. It’s now 9pm and after taking the two tests, I’m proud to say I have 609 points. This means I’m unlikely to get a B, but I’ll at least pass with a C.

Now I have two other classes to get caught up on to avoid failing. Wish me luck.


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