10 Things You May or May Not Know About Me

I wasn’t sure what to write about for today’s post, so here’s 10 things you may or may not know about me.

1. I’m a certified nursing assistant. Yup, that means I’m a professional butt-wiper, AND I get paid for it. No, I’m just kidding – sort of. There are many things I do as a CNA; I’m the eyes and ears for both nurses and doctors, take care of patients and families and try – yes, try – not to annoy them when I enter the room every hour of my 12.5 hour overnight shift. During my third shift this week (which I’m currently still working; Shh – don’t tell my boss I’m writing this from the charting room) I had three patients tell me I’ll be a “wonderful”, “fantastic”, “great” nurse someday. I plan to live up to their expectations. They don’t know how much it truly means to hear them say that.

2. I’m an author; which I’m sure you know from my constant ranting about how I wrote another book – we get it, Nicole. At six years old, I started writing. I guess I had a lot of random ideas floating around in my tiny brain that I needed to get out – somehow. A pen and a piece of paper – which turned to a laptop down the road – later, I’ve started my third book. Funny how things work, isn’t it?

3. I love photography, but I’ll be darned if you try to put me on the wrong side of the camera. I’m certainly no model.

4. I have this awesome juggling act where I balance a full-time job, school, babysitting my two godchildren, writing a blog and spending time with friends and family. Did I mention I can balance on one foot at the same time, and rub my head while I pat my belly? Well I can’t do the latter, but I can at least try. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

5. I’m currently learning American Sign Language and am in my fourth level. My uncle – who’s actually my mom’s uncle, but saying “Great Uncle Matt” takes too much time and there’s really no difference – teaches it in California, so I was exposed to the language at a young age. I didn’t start learning it until much later – when I was in my freshman year of college. I have a friend, Carol, one of my regulars from when I worked at McDonald’s, who is deaf. I started to learn ASL so I could communicate with her.

6. I recently visited my great grandmother across the country to surprise her for her 82nd birthday. I hadn’t seen her since I was six and she called me a “nastly little child” for keeping my visit a secret from her by making her think I was too poor to fly out there – which I was and still am. Trust me, my bank account still won’t talk to me after gambling away $89 while I was out there.

7. I’m running my first 5k June 22, 2014 even though running and I go together like tape and water – it just doesn’t work. My lungs are going to hate me for torturing them with the asthma. They’ll probably join my bank account in the rebellion.

8. I got my first job (McDonald’s) at fourteen, had manager privileges at sixteen and worked there for four years before applying to the Hospital. I had to talk my parents into allowing me to even apply for the job. They thought I should wait until I was fifteen. They also said I wouldn’t get to work a lot since I was so young. I was able to get my boss to maximize my hours and was training people after working there for 5 months. I also trained myself since my trainer left half an hour into my first day and no one told me.

9. I chose to work with stroke/cardiac patients because my own mother has had five strokes and has a heart condition.

10. The most important thing in my life is my family. If I had to choose between either having no money, poor health and no home or losing my family, I’d choose the first. I could have everything in the world but still have nothing if I didn’t have my family.


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