Take Flight

My laptop broke down yesterday morning, and I’ve had an itch to write since. Due to the fact I don’t have a laptop to work on my next book with, I wrote a short poem inspired by Lindsey Stirling`s New song, Take Flight

Take Flight

You can take flight

Dry your tears

Everything’s gonna be alright

Consume your fears

And come with me

Your voice sings

In the end, can’t you see

You’ll grow your wings

What’s eating at your mind?

Shoulders shudder in the night

Leave your fears behind

Don’t let the monsters bite

Spread your wings and fly

Take flight


7 thoughts on “Take Flight

  1. Funny how a broken laptop can suddenly give you the urge to write. Mine broke the other day too and all of a sudden my head was filled with stuff I just had to write. It mostly disappeared the moment I bought a new laptop…

    Nice poem though.


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