Photoshoot With Natisha

As my best friend would say, modelling is tough to get into. Ironically, she never did like her picture taken and during the five years I’ve known her, she’s never wanted to model for me. Until recently, when she chose to start trying to get into the business. She’s a wonderful subject, and we were both very comfortable with each other during the shoot.

It was something new for me. I’ve never done posed photography before. I generally like to do natural shoots. Some of my best photography comes out of those shots. But I was willing to try something different, and in turn it’ll build both of our portfolios. So yesterday afternoon, after hand delivering signed copies of my book, I met up with Tish for our shoot. 

We went to one venue only. It’s a small park in Sanford, Maine called Gowen’s Park. I’ve done some shoots there before, but usually just to use the rock wall. But something was different this time. It’s early in the spring, so the town hasn’t come out to mow down all the weeds yet. This added for a nice effect as well, the dandelions were still out!  

We both had a lot of fun during the shoot, and I got more pictures than I thought. Two-hundred-ninety to be exact. Of course, a lot of them were extras of certain poses to make sure I got ones that weren’t blurry or of her in the middle of making a funny face – which I caught a few of those as well.

In the end, it was successful. We both had fun, we got some great shots, and we’re both happy. We got chinese food after – which I hardly ever go out to do anything with clients after a shoot, but as we’ve been friends forever, it was only natural. Plus, it was three in the afternoon, neither of us had eaten and we were starving.

If you want to see more from our photoshoot, check out my photography page here:

and give her a like on her facebook page here:


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