Struggles of a Three-Year-Old

Don’t get my wrong, I adore my godchildren. Carter’s going to be four this August and Averee turned one back in January. I babysit them every Saturday from 6:30AM until 4PM. I love my time with them, but they’re getting to that stage where they’re jealous of each other. These are some of the things I ran into with my godson this afternoon.

Struggles of a three year old.

1. Godmomma made me chocolate milk but she put it in a sippy cup instead of a regular cup so now I can’t spill it.
2. Godmomma put me in timeout because I threw it at her after.
3. The ant crawled on me and I didn’t like it.
4. Godmomma put Frozen in the DVD player but I wanted to watch Aristocrats. For the fifth time in a row.
5. My baby sister stepped on my blankie and the world ended
6. I got the wrong toy in my happy meal so now I can’t eat my lunch.
7. My sippy cup’s empty and now I have to wait for someone to fill it again.
8. I want the frog gummies, but there aren’t any left so now I have to eat the Scooby Doo gummies. There is a difference.
9. Even though I didn’t want it five seconds ago, Godmomma took a picture with my sister so now I want my picture taken too.
10. My little sister’s crying, so I’m not getting any attention.


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