Break Free (Poem)

So I’ve been suffering some writer’s block for the past few days, and I’ve tried many things to rid myself of it including reading, asking my roommate for ideas, re-reading everything I’ve written so far, etc. Nothing has helped. So I decided to write a poem. It didn’t get rid of the writer’s block for this book, but I got a poem out of it, so I suppose it isn’t a loss, right?

Break Free

You’ve lost yourself,
can’t find your way out anymore.
It’s time to remember
what you came to stand for.
Do you feel those tears
soaked against the pillows?
Shudder away the fears,
and sail off into the night.
Break free of that chain
that binds you.
Dance in the rain,
it’ll be alright.
Burst through the bars of the cage.
Soar through the night sky,
and free yourself of the rage.
The stars are in sight,
so no more nightmares.
It’ll be alright,
you’re free now.



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