Lindsey Stirling VIP Concert Experience

Last night was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I bought VIP tickets for my brother and I to go see Lindsey Stirling at the Boston House of Blues about eight months ago. That gave me eight months to prepare myself, try to get my brother to recognize some of her songs (he wasn’t previously a fan), save up money, plan the trip, etc. Keep in mind, I live in Maine, so I had a nice 3 hour drive to Boston, so I chose to spend the night in New Hampshire where my brother lives with our grandmother both the night before and after the concert. That made it only a two hour initial drive, and a one hour drive to Boston in the morning.

We got to Boston around 1130 in the morning and as soon as we parked, we went to get something for lunch. We had plenty of time to kill before the VIP stuff started, so we aimlessly wandered around Boston. We passed by the venue multiple times, waiting to see when people would start lining up. Around 315 we took our spot in the lineup. We didn’t get to go inside until about 5 or 530, and from there we were able to do some early merchandise shopping. I bought a wrist band and a t-shirt, which ended up being slightly too small so I will be hanging it on my wall, and my brother bought a copy of her newest CD for her to sign. When she finally came out, everyone cheered. Of course, my brother – not being a fan before the show – had no idea who she was and proceeded to ask why everyone was clapping. When I pointed Lindsey out to him, he understood.

My sudden realization that Lindsey was a few feet away from me caused me to get anxious. What am I going to say to her? What if I make myself look like a fool? Oh god, I do NOT want to “fangirl”… I gripped the copy of Shadows that I held in my hand and wondered how to go about giving it to her? I said hello to Drew while my brother got his picture with Lindsey, and suddenly my nerves went away. I meet new people all the time at work, so why should meeting Lindsey be any different? No, she’s not a patient and yes, she is famous, but she’s still another human being.

I can honestly tell you Lindsey is a genuinely sweet person. She greeted me with a huge hug and when I gave her the book and told her that I listened to her first album the entire time I wrote it, she seemed to be super excited. She told me about how her sister, Brooke, is a writer as well. She told me she was excited and that now she had some bus reading. She put the book down on the table and gave me another hug while saying thank you, and I got my picture taken with her. It’s obvious she loves her fans and I was so honored to be able to meet her.

The opening band was AJR, a band I’d never heard of, and they were awesome! I met them after the show and got a picture with them, which was pretty cool. When Lindsey finally came on stage, she began with Beyond the Veil. At the end of the song, my brother was an instant fan. Lindsey is just as incredible playing live as she is in her videos. She played flawlessly and the energy on and off stage could be felt all over.

My brother and I were in the front row with some people we met at the concert and I got plenty of smiles from Lindsey. During We Are Giants, Kelly, one of the girls I met, and I were singing at the top of our lungs. Lindsey stood directly in front of us playing her violin for the first thirty seconds or so of the song, smiling and holding eye contact with me the entire time before moving to dance around the stage. It was an incredible moment and I felt like more than just a fan.

Overall, it was an incredible show and I was saddened when it ended. Lindsey and her band really know how to get the audience going and I don’t think I’ve ever danced/sung/screamed/smiled as much as I did last night. I hope she comes back to Boston (or preferably Maine) again sometime in the near future. I will definitely be going to another one of her concerts should I get the chance and I suggest anyone else does too, fan or not.


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