Book Review: Stake-Out by Lily Luchesi

Former police officer Danny Mancini had fallen into a bottomless pit of alcoholism until Detective Angelica Cross dragged into a different kind of darkness. A darkness that contains his worst nightmares. Werewolves, vampires and other paranormal creatures stalk the night and Mancini has been drafted to hunt them. There was no way of kStake Outnowing his life would flip upside down when Cross knocked on his door for the first time. But it’s up to Mancini and his new partner to lay a 200 year old case to rest.

In my personal opinion, Danny Mancini gave up his alcoholism too easily. He goes from heavily drinking to rarely drinking with no withdrawal symptoms, no cravings and no slips until Angelica Cross breaks his heart. He slips back into drinking for a little while, until he’s forced to snap out of his alcoholic state once more. I work in a hospital and have seen, first hand, the effects alcohol withdrawals have on a person. Someone who drinks as heavily as Danny Mancini did should have had headaches, possible altered mental state (which made me think, at first, that his memories of the past and suddenly hunting the paranormal were just effects of withdrawal, but that is not the case in this book), nausea, anxiety or irritability, etc. But Danny doesn’t seem to have any of these effects. He stops drinking and doesn’t look back until his heart is broken. I had trouble believing this.

Danny’s relationship with Angelica grew rapidly, as it should for a novella. We want a love story, and Luchesi gives us just that. I’m curious to see how their relationship will pan out in the next book, especially now that Danny knows their history.

Danny’s memories of the past, coming through as flashbacks that he shrugged off as dreams, was a major twist to the story and I loved it. I never would have expected that to happen. However, once I knew they were true memories I knew it had to do with a love connection. As a writer, many plot twists were predictable for me. But as a reader, these may come as true shockers. Luchesi did a great job at keeping the story moving along and though some parts seemed rushed, the overall story was perfectly paced.

I also knew immediately something was up with Angelica and I was surprised Danny didn’t pick up on it sooner. His heart may have been in the way of the rational part of his mind, but he should have at least had an inkling something was different.

Though this isn’t typically a genre I tend to read, I enjoyed the book. Luchesi has a potential to be a great author and I’m excited to watch as her journey unfolds.


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Shadows Update

Last night I finished some final details for Shadows and uploaded the cover design to my publisher. This morning I was approved to move forward, and in less than two weeks I’ll physically be able to see the book for the first time. 

The last step for me is to make sure everything comes out okay with printing and to approve the book for publication. Once I do that, all I need to do is sit back and wait for the release date.

What do I do while I wait? Well get started on the next book, of course! I have a few ideas in mind, and a few openers started. All I need to do is pick the one I like most and roll with it! (of course I need to design a plot first).

I’m so excited for June 7th. Writing this book went a lot faster than I expected. The ideas came to me over and over and I couldn’t stop. I know it’s a shorter novel, but adding any more would make it seem too dragged out, in my opinion. I’m hoping for my next one to be a bit longer than Shadows and Lost Voice are, but time will only tell.

Who else is excited!?

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Yes, There Will be a Third Book

I’ve had a couple people ask me what my plan after Shadows is. I’m happy to announce that yes, I will be writing a third book.

I have a few ideas bouncing around inside my head, some that kept me awake all night thinking, will that one work? How can I make that work? Oh, I like this one! I can write this like that…

I keep a pen and a small notebook a friend bought for me when he visited London a few years back next to my bed. When I have ideas suddenly jump at me, I write them down so they’re no longer in my head and I don’t have to worry about forgetting them. If I’m in a car, I usually write on my hand and gravitate up my arm when I run out of room (though thanks to my mom giving me a tape recorder, I no longer have to do this). But last night, for some reason, even though I wrote down the ideas, something kept me awake.

The itch to write.

I finally fell asleep, eventually, knowing if I started writing at two in the morning, I’d never get to sleep and I had to be awake at seven to be ready for my statistics final at nine.

When I get home, I’ll be doing load of homework and groceries, but my reward for completing it all may just be to get started on this next book a little early.

But before the next book comes out, I have to share Shadows with you! I can’t wait! June 7, 2014

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Shadows Release Date Reveal

I know you’ve all been waiting forever to just hear when Shadows is due to be released, right? Am I right? Oh, okay then…

Before I get started, I just wanted to say without all of your support, this book wouldn’t have been possible. My handful of fans (hopefully more that are just too shy to admit it) have been my structure. You’ve all helped with my ideas, given me answers to any questions I’ve had, and some even became beta readers for me. Without you, Shadows would still be in production, and I wouldn’t know where to go with it. But you all inspired me to keep writing and I thank you for that.

My family and friends have also been tremendous. Everyone has been so supportive and have put up with my antics while writing. My roommate, Rachel, has put up with my writing vs. homework battles that homework almost always lost, but remained supportive. Thank you to all!

So without further ado, the release date for Shadows is….

*Drumroll, please!

JUNE 7, 2014

Keep your eyes open for it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Shadows is Finished!

It’s currently 3:39 in the morning.

Most people are snuggled in bed under their covers in the comfort of their homes. I’m not one of those people, of course, and I’m sitting at a desk waiting for my patients to wake up. I’m exhausted, of course, and I can’t wait to finish the night, go to class, then finally arrive home for my three hours of sleep before working again.

Did I mention I also just finished Shadows?

It feels surreal, realizing I finished writing my second novel after all this time. Without all of your support, this wouldn’t be possible. I’m excited, of course, but just as nervous. Every writer leaves a piece of themselves in everything they write. This holds true for Shadows, and I feel there’s some personal feelings that may have slipped through. Nonetheless, if I wasn’t nervous, then Shadows wouldn’t be ready.

I’m excited, and I sure hope you all are too! It it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t be possible. You pushed me to write my next novel. You taught me that the first draft isn’t as important as the second or even the third. You told me to push through the writer’s block and get the words on paper, I could fix it later. I listened to your advice, and I’m glad I did.

Shadows is due to come out this summer and it couldn’t come fast enough!

But first, I need a head-shot, so I should get on that.

And I need a cover.


It’s now 3:47 in the morning.

Look for Shadows SUMMER 2014