One Last Wish

So my newest book, One Last Wish, is now available! Crazy, isn’t it? I’m 21 years old and I’m now the proud author of threeBelanger Mockup 2 (1) published books!

So now I’m looking for some reviews. If you’re willing to provide an honest review, and post it to , goodreads, and , I would be willing to provide a PDF file via email.

Please email me at: if interested.


If you just want to buy a paperback or kindle copy for yourself, you can do so HERE

I hope to hear from you soon!


The Memory Closet Book Review

The Memory Closet by Ninie HammonI recently had the pleasure of getting to read The Memory Closet by Ninie Hammon. I wanted to start off with saying Ninie is an incredibly talented author. I can only hope to someday be half the writer she is.

Anne Mitchell has experienced something terrible. Something so traumatic that her mind has erased all memories from before she was eleven. The first thing she remembers is being hands down in the dirt and she doesn’t know how she got there. Suffering from Amnesia, Anne embarks on a battle with the “Boogie Man” – unknowing how dangerous that may be. Is she willing to risk her sanity to dig up a past so awful that her mind erased all memory of it? Is it time to open the memory closet and reveal the “Boogie Man”?

The Memory Closet is a book that will keep you wondering what happened and each time you think you know the answer, Ninie throws another thing at you that makes you doubt your conclusion. Even when it got towards the end and I thought FOR SURE I was right, I was wrong again and Ninie threw me through another loop.

This book not only kept me on the edge of my seat white knuckling the armrests the entire time I was reading, it also drew emotions. I found myself rooting for Anne the entire time, and pitying her as she got closer to her answers. There were plenty of times where I stiffled a laugh (and a few I burst out laughing from the comfort of the charting room at work at three in the morning – don’t get me started on how embarrassing THAT was.) and even times where my heart broke for the characters.

Ninie is a captivating writer that leaves you wanting more at the end of the chapter. I will certainly be reading more from this author.

Thank you again, Ninie! I’m honored to have had the chance to not only speak with you, but to also read your work.

Buy The Memory Closet here:

You can find here here:


I Saw My Book For the First Time

Displaying WP_001641.jpgI saw Shadows in print for the first time today. It was like having my second child (I’m not a mother, but I can imagine what it’s like). I’m in love with the way it looks and I don’t think I’ll ever get over how weird it feels to not only see my book in print but to also read it. It’s surreal, really. I read the first few words of Lost Voice, which I haven’t done for a long time, before picking up Shadows and reading the first few words. I’m amazed at how far I’ve come as a writer since writing Lost Voice, and I’m even more excited than before to share this book with you all. I’ll be spending the night reading through to make sure it flows correctly and there weren’t any overlooked mistakes (which knowing me a few will slip through anyways). June 7th! I can’t believe how close but far away it is!

Shadows Cover Reveal

You’ve all been waiting patiently for the reveal of the cover. Each entry was incredibly well done and I had a blast viewing each and every one of them. You all did a wonderful job, and I wish I could have chosen all of your artwork. 

Give yourselves a pat on the back, you deserve it. The time and effort each and every one of you put into your entries was more than I ever expected. I’m so excited to announce the winner is…

Khushal chand Khatri of India!

Khushal did a great job with the cover, and when I asked him to make a few minor tweaks, he was very punctual. Thank you so much Khushal!

Please take a look at the fantastic job he did (Cover, back and spine):


Shadows Prologue

He was breathing heavily. Not because he’d been exercising, but rather because he was nervous. The anxiety crept through him as a cold chill ran across his body. Today was the day.

It started like any other day: go in to work, smiling at the familiar faces, and slip hastily into his office. But today would be different; he knew that. What he didn’t know was whether his plan would work. He’d spent the past year trying to fathom what’d happened. How did he lose his only son?

Surely he wasn’t there when it occurred. He’d left him with a trusted companion; one who’d promised to watch over and protect him. She’d let him down, much like anyone else had. Why hadn’t he been surprised when he returned home to an empty house and a note?

There was an accident,” it read, “on my way to the hospital with Calvin.

It must not be too serious, he thought. She’d had enough time to leave a message, but why hadn’t she called him? He would spend the next year creating scenarios in his head, each with a potential solution to what had gone wrong.

They say Calvin had been running out by the pool, unsupervised, and when he slipped, he splashed into the water, striking his head on the concrete. There was no way of knowing what had truly caused his death, there’d been too many factors that came into play.

Calvin’s father knew better. He knew there’d been a reason this had happened and he’d been determined to find the cause. He never did, though, and this caused him even more anguish. He became friends with the shadows, hoping their company would distract him from the pain. But the desire for revenge strengthened in the darkness, and today it overwhelmed him.

Editing Day One

After finally finishing my homework for the day, I decided to start editing Shadows. As exciting as that sounds, it’s just as scary. Editing is a crucial part to the story making process, standing between an author and success. I want Shadows to succeed, so I have to choose wisely when revising it. 

My first step of the day was to go through all the notes I’ve made, get them in order, make sure I have my character list handy, and neatly lay out each vital detail where I can easily get to it. The second step? Coffee. I had been up all night working, so after taking a four hour nap and doing my homework, coffee was the essential detail to making sure I was awake enough.

So far, I’ve only written the Prologue, and I’m actually quite excited about it! I’m hoping it leaves you all wondering what will happen as you start reading. I’ve sent it off to my Beta Readers, so stay tuned for another sneak peak of Shadows.