One Last Wish

So my newest book, One Last Wish, is now available! Crazy, isn’t it? I’m 21 years old and I’m now the proud author of threeBelanger Mockup 2 (1) published books!

So now I’m looking for some reviews. If you’re willing to provide an honest review, and post it to , goodreads, and , I would be willing to provide a PDF file via email.

Please email me at: if interested.


If you just want to buy a paperback or kindle copy for yourself, you can do so HERE

I hope to hear from you soon!


“One Last Wish” Update

So I’m really excited because One Last Wish is moving along quite well. I’m almost halfway done the third draft and then I send my manuscript to my agent. Yes, you read that right. My agent. I decided this time around I needed a little bit of professional help.

This means I’ll have a professional author website up and running once it’s done being made, One Last Wish will have professional editing and a book design will be created for me. It’ll be published the same way as Lost Voice and Shadows were, but with some extra help this time around.

I’m used to doing all of this on my own, so I’m excited how far a bit of professional help will take me this time around.

I don’t have a release date, yet, but I believe One Last Wish will be out sometime this year or early next year. Keep your eyes peeled for a release date and more updates!

Beta Readers Wanted

Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!

No. I didn’t get a pony, though that would be pretty cool.

But I did finish the second draft to One Last Wish a few moments ago and now I’m searching for THREE beta readers to read the book (set up like a PDF ebook*) and then email me thoughts, concerns, comments, suggestions, etc. that you may have.

*please excuse the generic About the Author, Acknowledgements, blank pages, etc. Those are going to be filled in when I finalize the book. So please just ignore those and focus on the book.

Why am I doing this?

When I finished writing Shadows last year, I hesitantly made the decision to do this exact thing. In the end, I decided it was the best idea I ever had. I received pages upon pages of useful feedback. I don’t expect pages, but I do hope you won’t hold back for fear of offending me. I’m pretty hard to offend and I’d rather you tell me something sucks before I publish the book.

The reason why I don’t just ask my friends and family for feedback is because I don’t think I’d get unbiased criticism. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and family. They’re super supportive of my writing, they’re my biggest fans, but they also see me on a regular basis.

By asking for three perfect strangers to read this is like handing it to my fans and asking them to tell me what they think. Whether you’re a fan of mine or not, I hope you give me honest criticism (be nice about it and I won’t be offended. If you email me saying my plot line sucks, my writing sucks, and there’s nothing that can make it better, then I’ll be upset.) because you’re entitled to your opinion.

If you’re interested, I’m requesting you email me at and I will send you a sneak peak of One Last Wish.  I also request you tell me a little about yourself and why you think I should choose you as a beta reader. Once all three have been chosen, I will email the PDF.

I will only be giving 2 weeks to read/email me your feedback. If this is not enough time and you need an extension, please let me know. I might be able to work something out.

Last year I gave my Beta readers an autographed copy of Shadows when it was released. I can only do this for US residents. If you’re outside of the US, we can work something else out.

I look forward to hearing from you!

When the Waves Crash, a poem by me.

Take my hand
and come walk with me.
Place your footprints here
before the mighty sea.
And when the waves crash down
I’ll be your anchor.
So hold my hand tight
and I’ll keep you ashore.
When the waves crash down,
I’ll be around
as long as your heart beats
because I love that sound.

7-7-7 Challenge

I was tagged to do the 7-7-7 challenge by Holly Harker (check out her post here)

The challenge is to open your current work in progress to the seventh page, drop down to the seventh line and then post the next seven lines.

My current work in progress is called One Last Wish. I’m actually quite excited about this book and I hope you are too. Leading up to the scene I’m about to show you, Brooke has just left the bar where she’s met the bartender, Sean, her future love interest, for the first time. It’s the day her daughter would have turned seven if she hadn’t been declared dead two months earlier after being missing for some time.

Brooke has had an eerie feeling someone has been watching her ever since her daughter went missing and she may not be wrong. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Outside, the cool breeze brushes my tangled hair behind me and I hastily pull the brown curls into a messy bun on top of my head. I take in the fresh air and listen to the hum of the town. The bar sits roughly two miles from my apartment and I start my steady stride, hoping Nana will be fast asleep by the time I walk through the door.

I can still feel the eyes following me like a tracker; digging in to expose the wounded soul I’ve become. I quicken my pace, the air biting at my cheeks. I’m panting, almost tripping over my feet as I run down the road. I take a peek behind me and slow my pace to a walk when I don’t see anyone.

Oh, Brooke. Maybe your feeling is right, maybe it’s wrong.

I’m not sure who to tag, so I’m going to challenge anyone who reads this post and wants to do it. Tag me in it if you do, I want to see it!

Writer’s Block: Challenge Accepted

Alright, guys. So my creative juices are completely dried up. So much that I can barely write anything. I put out a cry for help on Twitter, received a challenge, and this is what I came up with.

The more I read it, the more I hate it, but I kinda sorta like it?

So here’s what I’m going to do. This is in no way saying this will be a part of book three. But it also might be. Here’s what I want from you. I want you to read this. Then I want you to read it a second time. Next, I want you to either comment here or tweet me (@nbelanger6) what you think of it or what comes to mind for you. The more I read it, the more I hate it, but I kinda sorta like it. I want to know if you like it or if you hate it. Keep in mind this is unedited.

Here it is!

I lay in the field, the grass tickling the bare skin on the back of my arms. My breathing was steady and my chest rose with each inhalation of the chilly air. The illumination on my surroundings came only from the brightness of the stars above me. The sky was bright, a color lighter than black but darker than navy blue. I turned my head to the side, making sure Thomas was still laying beside me. Unmoving, but still there. Sleeping? I closed my eyes, begging for a world far away to call me home. Yet I couldn’t help but shudder as the gentle breeze crossed over me. I let out a long yawn, rolling onto my side and wrapping an arm gently around my companion. I pulled myself closer, trying to take in any heat radiating from his body. His side was damp with a warm sweat. Why was he sweating? It was summer, but the breeze in the after midnight air caused his skin to be cool to the touch. Unresponsive but still there. Sleeping but unmoving. Cool skin but sweating. Sweating or…

I jumped back, fumbling around for my phone for an unnatural lighting. I could hear the blood rush through my veins as my heart beat in my chest. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. My hands shook. Relax, Anna. I could already feel the tears race down my cheeks as I finally found the flashlight application on my phone. With shaking hands, I turned the light on Thomas. His eyes were shut, almost in a dream state, and his left arm rested gently by his side. His red side.

Stars collided and I fell into the dark void they created. Empty. Secluded. I dangled on the thin line of reality I had left; disoriented while the black abyss consumed me.

I Went Back to High School Today

I went to hand deliver some signed copies of Shadows to former teachers of mine at Sanford High School. I wrote about both of them in the acknowledgements section of the book, and the only one that was there today was Nancy Kane, my junior year creative writing teacher. A lot has changed in the past three years or so, and the English curriculum at the high school is so much different – in a good way, of course.

She told me about the students that I’ve inspired to try to get their work published. It was incredible, and I felt so important. She asked me to come speak with her Creative Writing II class next year, and I happily accepted. Even though I’m awful at public speaking, us writers have to stick together and I’ll be more than happy to tell them about my journey into the author world and answer any questions they have for me.

For those of you who don’t know quite yet, Shadows was published about three weeks early. It was sudden and unexpected, but I spoke with my publisher to get it done early because I may be doing a book signing at a local Books a Million this summer. The book needed to be published so the store could see if they’re able to get the book in stock before they can set up the event. I’ll also be trying for Barnes and Noble, which is an almost two hour drive from me, but will be worth the experience!

I’ve received a 5 star review from Kelly Smith Reviews that stated:

“This is an amazing story of bravery, inner strength and survival.”
“I love this book and I’m sure others will as well”

So you can purchase Shadows on Amazon here:



Also, if you read, please let me know what you think of it! A few sentences in the review space would be more than enough and greatly appreciated! All reviews and feedback will be used to help me with this next book! I’m (at the time of this post) at #78,516 for my rank on the amazon best sellers (which is the best I’ve been in a long time, I was in the high 600,000s) and I want to see how high up on the rank I can get! (hoping for top 1,000s at the worst, top 100 would be golden)

Lastly, become a fan on Goodreads here:

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Thank you all for your support! It means the world to me.